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2024 Dates

July 14IG Live
July 24 Launch Party
July 26 – Concerts & Food Festival
July 27 – Concerts & Food Festival

Join the #BollywoodMonster Orchestra!

#BollywoodMonster Orchestra is a music and dance production by the creators of #BollywoodMonster Mashup. Each year, we create and perform original mashup arrangements of Bollywood and non-South Asian genres.

Are you a session instrumentalist or vocalist looking for a high-energy live gig? Submit a live performance sample in our form to be considered for future #BollywoodMonster Orchestra projects.

How long does it take to create one minute of choreography?

Hard cheese or soft cheese?

monstrARTity’s Executive and Associate Artistic Director sit with Ria and Jennalee of dance group Giggle Queens to tackle all the critical questions about building 2022’s #BollywoodMonster Orchestra production – Disco Ka Dil – from scratch.


Peak behind the scenes

Witness the behind-the-scenes action of a #BollywoodMonster Orchestra rehearsal! Click the buttons to see different performers’ perspectives.