A business & marketing mentorship program for artists practicing South Asian art forms

Monster Master Class


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#MonsterMasterclass BMO Captive Camera Shot

#MonsterMasterclass is an artist mentorship program where selected professional artists practicing South Asian arts are given mentoring in marketing & entrepreneurship, cash resources, access to a professional video crew and introductions to industry gatekeepers. Artists learn how to set actionable career goals, use social media to grow their fanbase, market original online content and more.

“As a brown female musician it is extremely difficult to find work in my field of work. Having programs such as [#MonsterMasterclass] help even out the playing field for hard-working minority individuals such as myself. This program is [helpful] because its main focus revolves around the business aspect of [art], it provides [artists] with resources and hands-on learning experiences, and lastly it forms a community of [artists] with like-minded goals and aspirations.”

— Shelisa