Breaking down cultural silos and filling gaps in culturally-relevant curriculum


NEW 3-series workshops: a cumulative learning experience over 3 sessions

Hands-On Workshops!

#MonsterArts for Youth helps teachers fill gaps in South Asian curriculum by providing school children of all backgrounds with hands-on workshops in Bollywood music, Bhangra dance, Tamil singing, ghazal writing, mandala-making, filmmaking and more.

“The best story I have to share about my experience is from Balmoral School where at the end of the workshop, one teacher came to me and told me that a new Syrian refugee student had joined the school two weeks ago. This student was very quiet and when she spoke most teachers and students didn’t understand her. The teacher said my dance workshop was the first time in two weeks this student had smiled and engaged and come alive and looked happy. THIS is why this program is needed.”

— Lopa, dance instructor