#MonsterArts for Youth


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#MonsterArts for Youth provides South Asian arts workshops in the disciplines of visual arts, music, language arts, media arts, and dance.


  • Positive cross-cultural dialogue for students of all backgrounds, illustrating how the arts may be used as a medium of expression and understanding each other
  • Students learn from professional guest artists currently working in their fields
  • Schools can incorporate these workshops at any point during the academic year

You can download our Teacher’s Package, which contains in-depth information about each workshop offered, by using the form below.

Some schools that have had #MonsterArts for Youth Workshops

Applewood School
Balmoral Drive Senior Public School
Belfountain Public School
Beryl Ford Public School
Brisdale Public School
Caledon East Public School
Castlebridge Public School
Cawthra Park Secondary School
Centennial Senior Public School
Chinguacousy Secondary School
Copeland Public School
Corliss Public School
Corsair Public School
Darcel Avenue Senior Public School
Earnscliffe Public School
Erin Centre Middle School

Fallingdale Public School
Garthwood park Public School
Glendale Public School
Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School
Grenoble Public School
Herb Campbell Public School
Homestead Public School
Janet I. McDougald
John Fraser Secondary School
Larkspur Public School
Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School
Lorenville Public School
Marvin Heights Public School
Massey Street Public School

McKinnon Public School
Morning Star Middle School
Rick Hansen Secondary School
Riverside Public School
Royal Orchard Middle School
Sheridan Park Public School
Springbrook Public School
The Woodlands School
Thorn Lodge Public School
Thorndale Public School
Vista Heights Public School
W.G. Davis Senior Public School
West Credit Secondary School
Whitehorn Public School

“It is always difficult for teachers to ensure that culturally rel- evant materials [are] covered in a professional way, we don’t often have access to what we need. To have this program re- lieves our stress and benefits the students.”

— JANET CLATTENBURG Derry West Viillage Public School

"It is necessary for our students to see their culture reflected in their educational experience and to expose all students to cultures other than their own. This is how we learn from each other and break down barriers between students.”

— MIRIAM WEICKERT Mount Royal Public School

"Never have I seen such enthusiasm and excitement for strong, well-curated workshops for youth... The art, dance and other workshops all celebrated the positive aspects of Asian/South Asian heritage which are needed in so many schools."

— WAHID KHAN South Asian Teacher Liaison, YRDSB

“Teachers are human and we don’t know everything. Even with a solid background in a particular art form, we can al-ways learn from other professionals. What a great opportunity to explore along with the students. Role modelling at its best.”

—ANATASIA BLAGDAROVA James Grieve Public School