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Check out our FREE artist resources on marketing, networking, business, and more – all from industry experts. We want to see artists practicing South Asian arts grow and thrive in their careers!

From Sep – Nov 2022, we were able to run three free, open-to-public online workshops thanks to funding from the Government of Canada.

  • Workshop 1: Sheniz Jammohamed, nature artist and arts educator, and Alan Faigal, dancer and arts educator, share tips on working in arts education.
  • Workshop 2: Milana Glumicic, producer, director, and digital content specialist, and Shawn Ahmed, actor, producer, and screenwriter, share tips on marketing and networking for artists.
  • Workshop 3: Rebecca Gimmi, International Projects Officer at the University of Toronto, and Alan Davis, founding director of Small World Music, share advice on working with festivals and presenters.

If you’re an artist looking to grow your career, check out these video highlights of the workshops for advice from experts!