Amplifying South Asian arts via festivals, community workshops and mentorships

monstrARTity is an award-winning, Mississauga-based not-for-profit filling systemic cultural and economic gaps in underserved diverse communities via #BollywoodMonster Mashup - the LARGEST South Asian festival in Canada; #MonsterArts interactive South Asian arts workshops for youth and seniors; and the #MonsterMasterclass artist mentorship program.


Urgently Hiring

Associate Program Coordinator - Community Outreach
Associate Program Coordinator - Event Production
Associate Web Developer
Associate Marketing Coordinator - Social Media
Associate Marketing Coordinator - PR & Media Buys
Production Consultant
Operations Consultant
Associate Program Lead
Associate Marketing Lead


All Opportunities

Associate Coordinator & Specialist Roles

Starting at $16/hr
(FT, PT, seasonal & annual contracts available)

Associate Music Engraver
Associate Graphic Designer
Associate Marketing Coordinator - Algorithmic

Consultant Roles

Starting at $44,850 annualized
(not all contracts are annual, please see descriptions)

Sponsorships Consultant

Associate Director Roles

Starting at $25/hr
(FT annual contracts available)

Associate Program Director
Associate Marketing Director

Positions will support the following programs:

1) #BollywoodMonster Mashup, the largest South Asian festival in Canada and rated the #1 festival at Mississauga Celebration Square;

2) #MonsterArts, where professional artists provide cross-cultural workshops to children and seniors;

3) #MonsterMasterclass, where diverse artist entrepreneurs create original online video content;

*monstrARTity is a hybrid team. Independent work takes place remotely while events, weekly Tuesday team meetings and other stakeholder meetings are sometimes virtual and sometimes in-person in the GTA. If you require accommodation to remain 100% virtual, please let us know during the interview process should you be selected.

**Employees, independent contractors and volunteers are required to provide proof of fully vaccinated status against COVID-19, or provide proof of an active medical exemption. Regardless of status, the organization reserves the right to determine in its sole discretion, whether the person is able to fulfill the requirements of the person’s position in a way that does not interfere with or compromise the organization’s operations, the person’s own safety, or the safety of others.

This policy is subject to change.**

Application form can be found below.

Equal Opportunity


monstrARTity is an equal opportunity employer and encourages diverse candidates to apply. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Recent immigrants and recent refugees (“recent” is defined as having arrived in Canada within the past five years);
  • Youth who have not previously been employed and for whom this would be their first job experience;
  • Indigenous persons;
  • Persons with disabilities;
  • Persons who have not completed high school;
  • Visible minorities;
  • Members of the LGBTQ2+ community; and
  • Women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)

Application Process

Step 1. Fill out the application form below, upload your resume and answer the two required questions

Step 2. Candidates selected to proceed will be contacted to complete a 75-min skills assessment related to their role

Step 3. Candidates selected to proceed will be contacted to schedule a 30-min interview


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#BollywoodMonster Mashup is the LARGEST South Asian festival in Canada filled with family-oriented fun such as kids activities, dance lessons, comedy, VIP experiences, #AskMeAnything interviews and live music & dance shows headlined by international Bollywood stars.


#MonsterArts is a series of year-round, participatory workshops in Bollywood and Bhangra dance, Hindi & Tamil music, ghazal writing, mandala-making, print-making, filmmaking and more, available both virtually and in-person. The #MonsterArts program is offered in two branches: #MonsterArts for Seniors and #MonsterArts for Youth.


#MonsterMasterclass is a FREE program that helps diverse artists develop their careers. #MonsterMasterclass teaches artists how to market themselves in interviews, use social media to grow their fanbase and more. Artists are PAID to attend mentorship & networking sessions and create original online video content to promote themselves.



We pay professionals practicing South Asian arts to:

Perform at #BollywoodMonsterMashup, the LARGEST South Asian Festival in Canada. Rated the #1 festival at Celebration Square, winner of Festival of the year and Virtual Festival of the Year.


Provide workshops in South Asian music, dance, visual arts, poetry, theatre and film to youth and seniors


Network with other professional artists, and get access to mentors in entrepreneurship and marketing. Artists who are selected for the program will also receive a video EPK (Electronic Press Kit) funded by monstrARTity.